Tecna is the Guardian Fairy of Technology, and a member of the Winx Club along with five other fairies. As the science expert of the group, the team relies on Tecna to solve any technological issues, whether magical, supernatural or ordinary.She loves computers and video games, and enjoys sports and being active. She also has a strong bond with Musa (her profile states her as her best friend) and they are roommates at Alfea.Tecna also has strong romantic fellings for Timmy, a red fountain specialist, but for a while, didn't know how to express her feelings to him. He was also shy around her.She is the Fairy of Technology. Tecna is extremely smart and loves technology.She is always rational, practical, and logical, sometimes to a fault. Tecna has trouble expressing her emotions and bases the majority of her decisions on pure logic, making her seem cold and unattached.