Deinonychus weighed about 160 pounds (70 kilograms).
Name Means: "Terrible Claw" Length: 10 feet (3 m)
Pronounced: die-Non-ih-kiss Weight: 110 pounds (50 kilos)
When it lived: Early to Mid Cretaceous - 120 MYA
Where found: Montana, USA
    Deinonychus was a spectacular, but fairly small dinosaur. It was a fast and vicious hunter. Its name means "terrible claw," and it was given this name because of the large, retractable hunting claw on each of its feet. Like its cousin, theVelociraptor, it used this claw to tear into the flesh of the dinosaurs it hunted. The claw would snap forward and make a large, deep wound when it attacked. Deinonychus was about twice as big as Velociraptor.  Shed teeth and several specimens of Deinonychus were found with the skeleton of a large plant eating dinosaur, Tenontosaurus. Some  authorities maintain that this established that they hunted in packs, ones capable of bringing down animals much larger than themselves. 
Deinonychus antirrhopus